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Here you can see all the photos by slide show which will be exhibited at Minoru Kobayashi’s photo exhibition”Ohayo, Yokohama” at Yamate Bluff No. 234 of Yokohama from February 18th to February 23rd, 2021.


The video and the music was made by my son, Rintaro and the music was arranged by his friend, Haruka Matsumoto.

Please feel the air of Yokohama.


”Ohayo, Yokohama”

Dawn at the hill with a view of port

I woke up 30seconds before the alarm.

The rain at night has gone. Eastern sky is getting brighter.

The camera with heavy 40mm lens hung around my neck gave me much energy.

I left the house gate, climbed the hill and exchanged greetings with my neighbors and stray cats, when I got to the Minato-no-mieru-oka Koen Park, the entire sky turned into magenta.

I rushed to the viewing platform in order to take fixed point photos of Bay Bridge, Yokohama Osanbashi pier and Marine Tower.

Then I heard music from the tiny radio.

“New morning has come♪“

Good morning, good morning,

Ohayo, Yokohama!


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